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Role: Lead Programmer

Zoey and the Magic Paintbrush: Welcome


  • Wrote 99% of all the code for the project

  • Helped artist and level designers use Unity

  • Created tools to make teammates lives easier

  • Implemented UI and Save Systems as well as all gameplay 

  • Was in charge of managing risks in regards to technology.

Zoey and the Magic Paintbrush: Bio
Zoey and the Magic Paintbrush: Video



One of the issues we encountered while developing Zoey and The Magic Paintbrush was that when a level designer wanted to create a new level, they would have to spend time hooking up all the prefabs that composed our UI. Since we had a bunch of different states and components, it was almost impossible to create a new level and put together the UI correctly. Issues were always bound to happen. To help combat that, I created this one prefab which is in the image above. As you can tell, it’s beyond easy and doesn’t require a million sub components.

What this script does, is it calls a scene that I made that contained all the UI components and adds it on top of the current level (Shown in gif below). The level designers don’t have to worry about how to build the UI, I just store it in one place and any level can use it! The UI also looks for all the components it needs during start so that even if the UI depends on components in the level, the level designers don’t have to hook them up, it just happens magically for them.



One of my favorite things I did for Zoey and the Magic Paintbrush is that I made the level select scene. Since we were short on time, telling a story for our game would be extremely challenging. To still have a sense of progress in the story, I decided to make our menu themed off the story we decided on. In Zoey and the Magic Paintbrush, Zoey has to complete trails throughout the mountain to help save her village. So having the level select include the mountain and the levels increase in height up the mountain we were able to create, and reinforce to the player, a sense of progress up the mountain.

Zoey and the Magic Paintbrush: Products
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