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Unannounced Survival Game
by Blizzard Entertainment

Role: Gameplay Engineer

Worked in Unreal Engine 4 and a Proprietary C++ Game Engine


Gameplay Engineer

Feb 2023 - Jan 2024

🏹 Owned Crafting at a feature level and worked with cross disciplinary teams to implement gameplay.

🏹 Onboarded Designers and Engineers onto the engine as one of the most knowledgeable.

🏹 Iterated and developed scripting patterns for a new proprietary game engine.

🏹 Supported multiple feature teams as a generalist implementer.

Associate Gameplay Engineer

June 2021 - April 2023

🏹 Implemented a range of gameplay features in Unreal using Blueprint and C++.

🏹 Created tools to help Designers make content easier and faster.

🏹 Supported a Senior Engineer and Designers with wrapping up an UE4 prototype.

🏹 Produced some of the first gameplay systems in a new proprietary engine


Favorite Contributions


One of the first systems I got to own, was Crafting. The best part of this feature was that I got to work with system designers, progression designers, UI/UX designers, and UI engineers. Having to author the visual scripting nodes, data structure types, and testing out that system in both script and C++ was a great learning experience.

Custom Cheat Script Node

For hackathon, I added a way for designers to create console commands in script. I always hated how they would have to get an engineer to implement them for them since it was originally only allowed in C++. This empowered them to make debug tools and debug flags that they could toggle during their playtest which was immensely useful when we were wrapping up our end of year build.

Iterated on Engine Patterns

Since we were making our own engine, the sky was the limit. I loved collaborating with our visual script team to push what our language should do or be. I would also work with designers to learn what their pain points were when making content and would implement solutions or collaborate with engine/tool engineers to come up with a solution that fit our engines design.

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